In a shifting, pluralistic, ambiguous, and novel world, strategic foresight is a core strategic competence for advisors and decision-makers in any forward-looking organisation.

Drawing on 10 years of experience managing nearly 20 multi-stakeholder scenario and foresight interventions, we offer capacity building to develop actionable and impactful foresight thought leadership and processes.

Foresight Training

Introduction to Foresight: Concepts and Tools

Training for professionals wanting to understand the field and acquire a toolkit for foresight thinking:

  • Learn about foresight concepts
  • Choose the appropriate foresight tools for your work
  • Design foresight processes for actionable and impactful results
  • Gain practical experience and develop a prototype foresight intervention
  • Receive suggestions for further reading


Mastering Strategic Foresight programme: Strategies for Success in Unpredictable Times

2.5 days programme designed to enable senior professionals to elevate their foresight skills and impact from good to great by:

  • Broadening and deepening your foresight toolkit, mastering mixed methods and linking use to purpose
  • Gaining awareness of the wider leadership, social engagement and learning aspects involved in designing and delivering successful foresight interventions
  • Learning to craft thought-provoking and impactful strategic conversations
  • Learning with the experiences of others: getting to the crux of the challenges brought in by other participants and sharing experience amongst your peers
  • Being inspired by an exceptional panel of established masters

Foresight Coaching

We can coach you to achieve high professional performance in world-class, actionable, impactful, forward-looking thought leadership and advice:

  • Benefit from the practical experience our foresight coaches have built over numerous years of practice at the highest level
  • Experience the benefits of a sparring partner in important moments

Foresight Institutional Capacity Building

We can help you build an effective foresight unit within your organisation, advising you on how to:

  • Clarify its remit
  • Recruit the right talent
  • Situate the unit in your organisation
  • Embed foresight in your organisational purposes