In a shifting, pluralistic, ambiguous, and novel world, strategic foresight gives you a creative edge and helps to navigate uncharted waters.

We can help you to:

Make sense of your changing context

Gain a clear, broad and rich picture of relevant possible future developments and what they mean for your organisation and decision-making 

Enhance your collective intelligence

Become aware of your own perspectives and mental models and gain insight into how others evaluate situations and ways forward

See new risks

Look around the corner across domains to identify relevant risks and uncertainties, define and enable monitoring of early warning signals

See new opportunities

Consider a wide range of futures from a creative, opportunity-driven perspective to see new markets, new technologies, new geographies, new solutions

Develop a vision

Clarify your desired future and explore ways to achieve it, reflecting on what could either enable or derail your success in the light of uncertainty and change

Develop strategic options

Look at opportunities, generate actionable ideas, develop a portfolio of innovative options and projects and rebalance it as the context changes

Test your strategy

Test the robustness of your strategy in light of alternative futures, in order to minimize potential negative impacts and better seize opportunities when your context changes

Realign on a common sense of purpose

Across your leadership and organization, set a clear direction and build and maintain momentum

Manage your stakeholders in and beyond your organization

Share your views, co-create options, find common ground and understanding, build trust, discuss and build support for choices and trade-offs

Audit your strategic management system

Assess and adjust your strategic management system for its outcomes – the strategic directions of your organization – to be robust in a shifting, pluralistic, ambiguous and novel world